CEFRES (Višegrad)
International relations
Conference report: ISA 2018 (International Studies Association 59th Annual Conventi...
30 Avril 2018
CMB (Allemagne)
Police Auxiliaries
Par Jacques De Maillard, Carole Gayet-Viaud et Fabien Jobard dans Penal Issues, 201...
22 Février 2018
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
human-rights activism
Universal Claims and Selective Memory: A Comparative Perspective on the Culture of...
28 Novembre 2017
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
In 1978 British Officials profiled the most prominent Kenyan politicians and produc...
03 Juin 2016
CEFC (Chine)
China Perspectives, 2012/3, october 2012. The idea inspiring the present issue of...
05 Octobre 2012