CFEE (Ethiopie)
SÉMINAIRE / SEMINAR - CFEE Seminar on Contemporary Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (2...
13 Mars 2017
IFAS (Afrique du Sud)
Workshop: Globafrica: Reconnecting Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the World prior to...
13 Mars 2017
CSH (Inde)
policy attention
[CSH-CPR Workshop] Gender and Public Transport in India: How do we move from women's...
28 Février 2017
CEFRES (Višegrad)
fin-de-siécle Austro-Hungarian empire
Seminar: Cities and metropolitan culture in the late 19th century Habsburg Empire Tim...
22 Février 2017
CJB (Maroc)
espace public
Séminaire sur la ville Temps et espaces publics. Entre sécurisation, appropriations,...
02 Février 2017
CEDEJ (Egypte, Soudan)
international scientific conference
Borders and Territorial Reconfigurations in the Middle East and the Sahel Internation...
29 Janvier 2017
IRASEC (Thaïlande)
Session of CSDS-IRASEC seminar will talk about "Politics of Nature Conservation in Th...
20 Janvier 2017
CEFC (Chine)
book presentation
Book launch seminar : "Learning from Shenzhen : China’s Post-Mao Experiment From Spec...
17 Janvier 2017