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Jean Deloche, Contribution to the History of the Wheeled Vehicle in India, Institut F...
03 Mars 2015
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sciences sociales
We have formulated and designed this ambitious project of Indo-French cooperation in...
07 Décembre 2014
IFP (Inde)
Objectives: We have formulated and designed this ambitious project of Indo-French c...
22 Octobre 2014
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The WIKWIO (Weed Identification and Knowledge in the Western Indian Ocean) Project wa...
01 Septembre 2014
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Edited by Emmanuel Francis & Charlotte Schmid, The Archaeology of Bhakti I: Math...
26 Août 2014
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art hindu
Charlotte Schmid, La Bhakti d'une reine : Śiva à Tiruccen̠n̠ampūṇṭi, Institut Fra...
26 Août 2014
IFP (Inde)
Edited by Valérie Gillet, Mapping the Chronology of Bhakti: Milestones, Stepping Sto...
25 Août 2014
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Attention students and early career research scientists in South Asia working in the...
26 Juin 2014
IFP (Inde)
Objectives The relevance of grammar, and the need for it, continues to be poorly unde...
06 Mars 2013
IFP (Inde)
Anima Gupta (School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi), Ifp et Csh, SUBURBIN W...
04 Mars 2013
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Abstract Equatorial rain forests that maintain a balance between rate of speciation a...
25 Février 2013
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Organised jointly by Dept. of Social Sciences, French Institute of Pondicherry (Ifp),...
21 Février 2013
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bonded labour
Bonded labour, agrarian changes and capitalism : emerging patterns in South India Isa...
01 Février 2013
IFP (Inde)
L'Institut Français de Pondichéry (IFP) et le Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH), cent...
16 Janvier 2013
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Studies on transnational healthcare tend to focus on the flows of institutions, pract...
01 Janvier 2013
IFP (Inde)
Abstract In the collective imagination, speaking about urban India often refers to th...
10 Décembre 2012
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Speaker : Stephen Azariah, Post-doctorate, IFP Abstract This is the presentation of a...
16 Novembre 2012
IFP (Inde)
En reconnaissance de ses travaux érudits sur la langue tamoule classique, le Pr Franç...
12 Novembre 2012