IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Gordon Omenya, « Afro-Asian relations in Kenya: A socio-economic history of Kisumu Di...
26 Mai 2013
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Integrated Urban Development Masterplan for the city of Nairobi (NIUPLAN)
‘We do not want any more masters’: Ruins, planning and the “messy labours” of the urb...
07 Février 2017
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
A girl draws water from an open dam, the only source of water in Makongeni farm @Rob...
31 Mai 2018
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
Graham R.L. Fox, « Gendered issues and contested benefits: The case of Laikipia’s Maa...
27 Juin 2017
IFRA - Nairobi (Kenya)
View of Yala Swamp. Source: Anna von Sury, 2015 Dulo NYAORO, ” Developing against D...
12 Mars 2019